Crimson® 3.0

Red Lion's powerful programming software for G3, G3 Kadet and Graphite® HMI operator panels, CSMSTRSX, CSMSTRGT and CSMSTRV2 Modular Controllers and Data Station Plus offerings.

Crimson 3.0

Our latest release of Crimson 3.0 software features a number of new drivers, which include an enhanced version of the Emerson ROC driver. Now our products have access to one of the widest used protocols in the automation market. In addition to the ROC driver, we have also released a CANopen PDO Slave driver and a number of camera drivers that include Cognex, Microscan, PPT Vision and IFM Efector.

With multiple protocol support built into every Red Lion HMI operator interface product, a second protocol can be chosen to acquire data from the original driver. Once collected, our HMI operator panels, Modular Controllers and Data Station Plus can convert the data to a different protocol so that it can be integrated with virtually any PLC, PC or SCADA system. The data may also be recorded in IT-friendly CSV file format for later review, using the built-in data logging facilities.

With this new offering of drivers, over 300 protocols are now available on our Crimson 3.0 software.

Many of Red Lion's automation products can be programmed using Crimson 3.0 software. Please see our Hardware Support page for those products that still require Crimson 2.0 software.


Crimson 3.0, Gold Build 697.002

Note: This build requires a PC running Windows 7 or later. Tablet PCs are not supported at this time.

Installing Crimson 3.0 software is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Right-click on the Download link below and select Save As
2. Select a suitable directory on your PC to save the file
3. When the download is complete, run the file to install

Click here to Download (168 MB)

Problems downloading may be due to heavy internet traffic. If you experience problems, please try downloading at a later time.

Previous Builds

Please refer to the Revision History for older versions of this software.
Note: Windows XP users should download version 662.006 as this was the last version to support the XP platform.


Crimson 3.0 Quick Start Guide (512KB)
Crimson 3.0 Introduction to Crimson Control (191KB)
Crimson 3.0 Manual English (Revision 2.6) (5612KB)
Crimson 3.0 Manual Chinese (Revision 2.1) (5588KB)
Crimson 3.0 Manual French (Revision 2.1) (5849KB)
Crimson 3.0 Manual German (Revision 2.1) (5667KB)
Crimson 3.0 Manual Spanish (Revision 2.1) (6413KB)
Crimson 3.0 Reference Manual (Revision 1.4) (1140KB)
Crimson 3.0 Reviewers' Guide (47KB)
Crimson 3.0 Tutorials English (4132KB)
Crimson 3.0 Tutorials French (4420KB)