G3 and Banner Vision Sensor

Red Lion Controls, Inc. announces full support of Banner Engineering’s PresencePLUS® vision sensors via their G3 line of touch screen HMIs. As a result of a joint development, Red Lion G3 HMIs can now conveniently allow a machine operator to deliver specific vision sensor controls while seeing exact images of the entire sensing area on the G3’s bright display.

This web page is dedicated to Banner Vision Sensor use with Red Lion Controls G3 panels. Sample databases and technical notes are available for download below.


To learn more about the entire range of G3 HMIs, click here.

To learn more about Banner PresencePLUS® Vision Sensors, visit www.bannerengineering.com


Sample Databases

This database shows how to get the camera image on a G3 display.
Click here to Download 2KB

This database shows how to save and load inspection files from the camera.
Click here to Download 3KB

This database shows how to use Modbus TCP/IP to get information from the camera.
Click here to Download 18KB


This information sheet describes the available camera registers using the PresencePLUS Data Driver.
PresencePLUS Data Driver 31KB

This technical note describes how to configure a G3 and PresencePLUS® vision sensor for communication.
G3 and PresencePlus 2168KB

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